Thursday, January 21, 2010

DV Show Broadcast Announcement

Domestic Violence Show will be re-broadcast 1/22 (Friday) at 21:30 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable TV channel 56.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DV Show Broadcast Announcement

>Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable TV
Domestic Violence Show will re-broadcast today at 15:30 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable TV. Thank you.

Domestic violence Show Re-Broadcast Schedule for 2010

An Open letter to people concerned about Domestic Violence

Firstly, A belated Happy New Year.

Let me thank Pucho Web Solutions for supporting the work of promoting Domestic Violence (DV) awareness on the web. Please visit their new site called NYC Re-Use which offers new and gently used items with free pickup. NYC Re-Use is one of the few online retailers with a phone number where you can make a purchase and ask a question about an item for sale.

NYC Re-Use features top brands at for a low price. If you care about DV and this work of promoting Domestic Violence Awareness, please support NYC Re-Use.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) will re-broadcast The Domestic Violence show. Please review schedule below.

* Thurday, 1/14 at 3:30 PM, channel 34

* Friday, 1/22 at 9:30 PM, channel 56

* Wednesday, 1/27 at 3:30 PM, channel 34

The show is available to cable TV viewers in Manhattan. The entire 28 minute show can also be watched online at the web site.

The show was also submit to Staten Island Cable and will be broadcast soon. Please look out for the broadcast.

DV show premiered in October 2009 to commemorate DV awareness month. While the show was initially broadcast on MNN, the show was also broadcast on Brooklyn and Queens Cable TV. For a grand total of 8 broadcasts in 2009.

The Domestic Violence show tells the true life story about a social worker who counsels victims of DV and comes to the realization that she is also a victim in her own home. After the divorce she was unable to think her experiences about it due to post traumatic stress syndrome
(PTSD). After eight years of introspection, she put her feelings on paper and after 10 years it became a play "Death of a Dream." She was able to release her emotions. During the Domestic Violence show, she shares her experiences with the community and wants to get your feedback.

Raul wrote on the Wall for the event "The Death of A Dream":

"This is a must see show, being a person that has been the giver and receiver of
Domestic Violence this play is very compelling in life. When I went to see it
thought that I was living my life all over again through the lens of this play.
No one in life needs to go through this in life."

Without Pucho Web Solutions, the ongoing work of promoting Domestic Violence Awareness on the web cannot be maintained.

Won't you please support NYC Re-Use?


A. Alvarez
Executive Producer