Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

Happy Holidays. We have to do whatever is necessary to promote our agenda.

In order to pursue our activities, we need your support. We are fundraising this holiday system using e-commerce to raise awareness of Domestic Violence in this society.
Please take a look at our offering and help us to promote Domestic Violence Awareness.

Most items start at only $1.00. You can pickup items in New York City to save on shipping charges too.

Pyrex Glass Storage Containers

ConAir Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Disk Rack by Sterlite

Black and Decker Steam Iron

Ampad Writing Pads, 9 to a pack

Red lead by Pentel

Shower Caddy

Green Messenger Bag

Black Messenger Bag

Does anyone have an idea about promoting Domestic Violence Awareness (DVA) for 2012? We want your feedback about hot to conduct DVA activities. We are planning on our agenda for 2012.

Please support Domestic Violence Awareness by making a purchase from our online store.


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